Appointment: 28 weeks 5 days

I had my 7th month appointment this morning and got some very exciting news: I passed my Glucose screening!

I failed the 1-hr screening done last week unfortunately so, I had to go back to the lab for the more sensitive 3-hr screening.  I got my results from my OB/Gyn during my appointment today and I am just so thrilled that I passed, meaning I do not have Gestational Diabetes!  :)  Same thing happened when I was pregnant with Emily so, I'm not surprised.

I managed to gain 2lbs in the last month, bringing me to a total weight gain of 4lbs!!!

What can I say, I'm most healthy when I'm pregnant.  :)

My Ob/Gyn measured my fundal height for the first time at 27", which is perfectly acceptable as I'm nearly 29 weeks along.  Typically your fundal height will be in close proximity to how many weeks you are pregnant and anything within about 5" isn't cause for concern.  She let Emily use the Doppler on my stomach to find baby boy's heartbeat, which was nice & strong and then, she used it on herself, although she was searching for her heartbeat in her stomach, ha! 

I start going in every 2 weeks now until 37 weeks when I'll go every week.  My next appointment is April 5, 2011 (my doctor is out of town Friday April 1st-April 4th).


  1. Great news that you don't have GD! It's really cute that Emily got to use the doppler. I love that. And, um, yeah. 4 pounds? Crazy. You will be in such good shape to lose what you've gained once you have the baby!

  2. Yeah, well, I could stand to lose that 4lbs plus an additional 12-15lb!! :D


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