Meal Planning: 3/20 thru 3/26

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After last week's stock-piling expedition, I didn't need much beyond the weekly produce and dairy products.  I did take advantage of Grand's biscuits (normally $2.99ea) being on sale for $0.89 as well as bacon being on a "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" sale, which saved me $6.99.

Safeway $91.11
[Budget: $150.00]
Seedless grapes (on sale $0.99/lb)
3lb bag carrots (on sale $1.99)
Fresh pineapple (on sale $1.99)
Organic romaine lettuce (on sale 2@$4)
Organic red leaf lettuce (on sale 2@$4)
Red potatoes (on sale $0.99/lb)
Organic tomato
100% whole wheat bread (on sale $1.19)
(2) Milano melts cookies (on sale 2@$3)
(2) Thick cut bacon (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
Canadian bacon
Jumbo shrimp (on sale $4.99/lb)
Organic blueberries (on sale $2)
Organic strawberries (on sale 2@$6)
Egg whites
(3) Grand's biscuits (on sale $0.99 plus $0.30coupon off when you buy 3)
(3) Cottage Doubles (on sale 4@$5)
Organic minneolas (on sale $1.99/lb)
Fuji apples
(6) Chobiani yogurt (on sale $0.99)
Brussels sprouts (on sale $1.99/lb)
Deli ham
Eggland's Best eggs (on sale $2.19)

Weekly Meal Plan
Turkey Goulash with salad - didn't eat this last week, had leftovers
Grilled shrimp with roasted potatoes & Brussels sprouts
Grilled chicken Ceasar Salad
Crispy beef tacos
Chicken Parmesan with a salad
Turkey chili with cornbread

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  1. I keep meaning to ask - does Emily eat salads? If so, what does she like in hers? I always notice you have salads as sides, and I would love if I could get my kids to eat them! I prefer salads to cooked veggies, but find myself skipping the salads since the kids barely touch them.

  2. Hey Kate!
    Actually no, Emily thinks "salad is disgusting" but will pick out the dried cranberries, croutons, and cheese! ;) I make the salads mostly for David who likes very few vegetables. I buy frozen Organic peas, broccoli, green beans for Emily.

  3. Awesome. Disgusting is Owen's exact word for anything leafy too. I was hoping for tips to get him to try it, but knowing that I'm not alone is good too! Thanks!


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