Meal Planning: 3/27 thru 4/2

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Ever have those weeks where you feel like you spent a fortune and got very little? Ugh. Hardly any produce was on sale this week and what was on sale (mangos, kiwi, non-organic apples) we either don't eat or don't normally buy anyway.  At least I was able to balance out what I spent on produce with the dried pasta and ground turkey sale!

Safeway: $120.71
[Budget: $150.00]
2lb box Organic spinach (on sale $4.99 for the box)
(2) Organic strawberries
Organic Romaine hearts
Organic tomatoes
Fat-free milk
3lb bag Organic Granny Smith apples (on sale $1.99 for the bag)
Organic basil (on sale $1.50)
Mushrooms (on sale 2@$3)
Iceburg lettuce
Organic pears
Green onions (on sale $0.49ea)
1lb Mozzarella cheese (on sale $2.99)
1/2lb Monterey Jack cheese (on sale $1.99)
(6) Ground turkey (on sale Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
(2) Sweet Italian-style ground turkey sausage (on sale Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
(6) Yogurt
Marinade (on sale $0.99)
Dannan-i-no yogurt
Fresh mozzarella cheese
Angel hair pasta (on sale $0.99)
French rolls (on sale $0.99)
Jumbo shells (on sale $0.99)
(2) Dry-roasted unsalted almonds
Bread crumbs
Elbows (on sale $0.99)
Water chesnuts

Weekly Meal Plan
Lettuce wraps
Stuffed shells and a salad
Grilled chicken Ceasar Salad - didn't eat this last week when David had to work late
Brats with tator tots
Chicken enchiladas
Turkey Mac (my homemade version of Hamburger Helper) and a salad

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  1. Your menu sounds yummy and I am always impressed when you come in so far under budget!


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