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Safeway's specials on Organic produce were better than Nob Hill's so, I shopped there this week... I needed spinach, carrots, apples, and celery for David to juice (he's on a fresh juice for breakfast kick again.  I didn't need much else other than a few pantry staples though I did splurge $10 worth of Heathy Choice's fresh steamers microwave meals as I'm finding myself BORED with the same old lunch week after week.

Safeway: $138.65
[Budget: $150.00]
Fresh baby spinach (on sale 2@$4)
Carrots (on sale 5lb bag for $1.99)
(2) Organic strawberries (on sale $3.99)
4lb box seedless grapes (on sale $2.99)
Organic tomato
Organic flaxseed waffles
Heathly choice microwave meals (2@$5)
Fuji apples (on sale $0.77/lb)
Organic celery
Frozen tator tots (on sale $2.99)
Mexican-style shredded cheese
Swiss cheese
Danonino yogurt
Cottage doubles (on sale 4@$5)
Deli ham
Babybel cheese (on sale $3.99)
Fat-free milk
Orange juice (on sale 2@$5)
(2) Healthy choice tomato & basil soup
Garlic & Herb marinade (on sale $2)
Elbow macaroni
Chicken stock
Pop-tarts (on sale $1.99)
(2) Easy-Macaroni 'n cheese
McCormick gravy mix
Fennel seed
(2) 18ct eggs (on sale $2.99 plus $1 off coupon, limit 2)
Earthgrains 100% whole wheat bread
(3) Carnation instant breakfast (on sale $3.99 plus $1.49 off coupon, limit 3)
Pistachios (on sale $3.99/lb)

Weekly Meal Plan
Turkey Mac (homemade Hamburger Helper-style meal)
Italian roast chicken breasts with potatoes and carrots
Chicken Piccata
Turkey Sliders
Homemade pizzas

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