Tuesday Toddler Tales

Because of the constant rain in our forecast this week and the 50% sale at Michael's, Emily got some new puzzles, art supplies, and her first science experiment kit: color mixing and crystal formation.  I thought she might die of excitement and there was no making her wait to open her kit; we just had to do this at 9:00am this morning, hence Emily still being in her PJs.  :)  She learned a little about color mixing at Preschool and already has the fine motor coordination to use tweasers, pipettes, and to pour water in/out of test tubes at age 4 1/2 years so, this was the perfect kit for her to feel confident about herself and have fun with!

We started by creating the primary colors: red, yellow and blue buy dropping a colored tablet into a test tube, screwing the top on, shaking it, and waiting for the tablet to dissolve.  Then, she mixed red and yellow to make orange; yellow and blue to make green; and blue and red to make purple.  Then, she started mixing different amounts of each color to create the tray of colors below.

Then we added the water-absorbing crystals to each color in the tray.  In an hour, they absorbed all the water and formed semi-solid, squishy little crystals that Emily spent over two hours picking up, examining, holding, squishing, and putting back.  The kit says that if you let them dry out, they will shrink in size and look like little colored gemstones.  FUN!

The kit (only $6!), came with enough colored tablets and crystals to repeat all these experiments about a dozen times.  Take about a steal!

Color mixing

All the colors have been mixed and placed in the tray.  
She's so excited for the crystals to form (she had to wait an hour!)

Choosing some crystals to hold

Gaga over the crystals

The entire tray of formed crystals

Pictures of the dried out crystals to come!

What a great kit for Preschoolers, you have got to go check out Michael's and let me know if you've had success/fun with any kits of your own! 


  1. That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to do things like that with Celia.

  2. How fun! I just LOVE Michael's....so glad she's a little scientist....xoxo

  3. Wow that kit is awesome!! I think Tyler is a little young for it but it could also be a great gift. For $6!!!


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