31 weeks

Growing and growing and growing!!!  And with warmer temperatures, the maternity tank tops are finally coming out of the closet.

Baby boy is approximately 4lbs and all five of his senses are fully developed.  His digestive system is fully developed and his skin is turning opaque like mine.  Seems he's preparing for his big day, too, sleeping more like a newborn, in 2-4 hour cycles and I rarely feel him move at night.  I'm feeling more tapping, punching, stretching, poking, and of course hiccups rather than those rolling, flipping movements from 10 weeks ago and that makes sense as he is getting cramped in there.  It's getting easier to identify body parts as they deform my belly and I was even able to grab on to a foot yesterday!  haha  :)

I am carrying this baby so low, compared to my pregnancy with Emily at this stage though the photo from this week doesn't accurately depict that.  I had just eaten and look "big all over".  :)

* I can't wear a single pair of pants/capris from my pregnancy with Emily because they all are the "underbelly" style and are so tight and uncomfortable.  I need full-panel bottoms!

* When I sit with my legs spread out in front of me to stretch a bit, my stomach is nearly between my legs

* I can't bend over to tie shoes or pick anything up, I have to squat. 

I'm actually quite thankful he's so low because breathing is a lot easier this time around, so it sleeping, and I have no heartburn (yet).

Also, my Braxton-Hicks are constant.  Every day.  Throughout the day.  My belly tightens for 15-20 seconds and slowly releases and it's very uncomfortable.  I find it a bit difficult to breath normally through them.  Totally normal.  It is practice labor after all. 

I'm feeling really great at this point and I feel the excitement of his arrival creeping up.

We have his bassinet all ready to go in a corner of a bedroom (it was Emily's... we need to remove the pink bear fairies), along with a basket (also Emily's) of swaddling blankets and waterproof lap/changing pads.  I also set up a small basket in our room with diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, alcohol swabs (for the umbilical cord), and Vaseline (also Emily's).  We have the pack 'n play with the attached changing table downstairs in the living room as well as another basket of changing supplies. 
Enjoy the pics:


  1. So exciting that you're getting things ready now! Love the baby belly :)

  2. Wow, that's too funny. I'm not much of one for old wives' tales, but this time I'm carrying much higher than I did with the boys and friends keep commenting on it. Just yesterday I compared photos to previous pregnancies and sure enough - higher. I feel like I'm constantly suffocating or gasping for air and the heartburn is intense. And, well, it doesn't help my breathing that Caleb loves to lay on my bump.

    So maybe there's something to the OWT that boys are carried low and girls are carried high!

  3. Ahhh! Look at the belly! Yay! I'm with ya, girl... we went for a walk the other night and I thought this baby was going to fall right out s/he's sooo low. Love the bassinet! So pretty!


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