32 weeks

56 days to go!

Baby boy could be up to 4 1/2lbs and somewhere around 16" in length and he has reached a very important milestone this week: the completion of the development of his immune system.  Apparently, he's acting more and more like a newborn these days, closing his eyes when sleeping, opening them when he's awake and can differential between the two because of the thinning of the uterine lining, allowing more light into his environment.  My amniotic fluid level has reached it's maximum (making it more likely that my uterus contains more baby than amniotic fluid), making all his movements much more intense for me as there's less cushion to soften his blows. 

As for me, I feel pretty darn great!

More than 75% of women in their 32nd week of pregnancy experience insomnia, multiple midnight treks to the bathroom, leg cramps, and heartburn on top of not being able to get fully comfortable in bed due to the watermelon that now resides where their stomach use to.  I definitely count myself as one of the very lucky few that has it fairly easy (at least as of now!) because I am not suffering from any of these ailments (yet).  I had one leg cramp a few days ago when stretching but it released in seconds and I am waking up around 4:30am to use the bathroom most nights; however, sleeping propped up on two pillows with a pillow between my knees has me pretty comfortable and I am able to fall asleep quick and stay asleep.

I feel a lot more comfortable with this pregnancy at this point than I did with Emily because he's so low in my uterus and Emily was so high.  Fingers crossed he stays that way!  ;)

On the name front, the only name we have decided on is a back-up name, in case he turns out to be a she and that is Allison Paige.  We have a very short list of boy names that we are trying out in the coming weeks but have yet to fall in-love with one of them.

My mom was here for a visit Thursday thru Sunday and boy, did we put her to work!  She pulled my glider & ottoman out of our garage and gave it a thorough cleaning.  Then, she stripped the fabric off the cushions washed them;  cut down and re-padded both the seat and back cushions to custom fit my very short torso; and then, she put the fabric back on the cushions and sewed it shut.  I feel like I have a brand new chair and it looks so beautiful in our bedroom. 

The pad for the ottoman is still drying and it's not assembled to the base just yet

Next, her and David moved all the furniture in our Master Bedroom to make more room for the addition of the glider & ottoman and bassinet.  That entailed a whole lot of sweeping & dusting (I swear there was 3" of cat hair along the baseboards behind our headboard, gross!).  She also had the genius idea of putting the changing pad and basket of changing supplies on our dresser (it's empty space anyway) to allow us not to have to bend over the bed to change those night time diapers. 

Thanks, mom and David for all your hard work, I wouldn't be anywhere close to feeling prepared for this baby without your help!!!


  1. What a great mommy you have! Can she come to my house next?? ;-)

  2. Awww, so nice of your mom to help. They are great that way! You look great! So glad to hear you are feeling good and healthy.


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