33 weeks

Baby boy is about the size of a honeydew melon, weighs upwards of 5lbs, and can be up to 17" in length.  His testicles are descending from his abdomen to his scrotum and his finger tips have now reached the tips of his fingers.

My uterus is approximately 5" up above my belly button and I can feel it bumping up against my rib cage, making every day breathing more difficult; however, again I honestly can't complain because he rarely ventures up that high with anything other than his toes and I can breath so much more easily than I could when pregnant with Emily.  My eyes are also dryer than they have ever been, making wearing my contacts uncomfortable after a long day.

As of now, I don't have any stretch marks nor the appearance of linea negra.

I'm not swollen and can still very comfortably wear all my shoes and my wedding and engagement rings.

My back gets sore at the end of the day, especially if I've been walking, standing, or doing a lot of activity from the weight of this baby being all out in front and so low and I noticed my legs "giving out", specifically my right leg, up near where it connects to my torso, at times.  So random.

I'm waking up to use the restroom once a night but still sleeping soundly.  I haven't had any heartburn or reflux but maybe that's because I sleep propped up a bit on two pillows.  I also am most comfortable on my left side with a pillow between my knees.

All my pants and capri's are getting saggy-ish because my stomach is making them slip down. ha!  So crazy to be constantly pulling my pants up!  I never had this issue with Emily because I carried her so high.

I feel him moving constantly and just discovered that rhythmic thumping was him having the hiccups!  David can feel the thumping down below my belly button and to the left, which confirms to me he's head down with his feet up near my right rib cage.  So neat.

Things we accomplished this week:

* Emily and I took my car to have it detailed so it would be spotless (let's hope we can all keep it that way).

* We sanitized the infant car seat base and installed it in my car (it's been weird, adjusting to driving with something extra in the back seat!) and we washed the car seat cover and infant padding as well as re-threaded the straps for a newborn.  We are thrilled to be able to re-use Emily's car seat as it's the Chicco KeyFit we absolutely loved!  It doesn't expire until March 2012, when baby boy will be approximately 9 months old, which should be perfect timing as Emily outgrew it just before 8 months old due to height limits.

* We washed and re-strung my Zolowear sling and Emily even got in a little practice of her own.

* We assembled my Medela pump in-style double electric breast pump with all the brand new replacement parts my friend Petra purchased for me after she borrowed my pump two years ago and ensured it was working properly, which it is.  I even gave Emily a lesson on how to use it and how mommies make milk for their babies.  It was a hilarious interaction especially when SHE tried to use it on herself.  ha!

* We took apart and washed all the padding on the Fisher-Price Infant Papasan Vibrating bouncy chair as well as put in fresh batteries.  This chair is the only place Emily would sleep for the first 8 weeks of her life and we are thrilled to be able to reuse it for this baby.

* We got down the Baby Bjorn and Jeep Baby carrier from the attic and played around with them.  It's funny how most of this stuff just comes right back.  I'm planning to purchase an Ergo with the new infant insert to use alongside my sling as I didn't really like the Baby Bjorn much.

* We also got my Bebe Au Lait hooter hider nursing cover out of the attic and washed it and then, hung it on my glider upstairs.


  1. I'm imaging Emily trying to "use" your breast pump...ha! ;) xoxo


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