Appointment: 33 weeks 3 days

My Ob/Gyn appointment this morning went great!

I am at the point where I am rotating through all the Ob/Gyn's in the practice so that I'll be at least somewhat familiar with whomever is on-call the day I deliver, in the event that my Ob/Gyn isn't available.

My blood pressure was 124/90 - completely normal.  Yea!

I had no swelling when she checked my legs and ankles.

My weight was exactly the same as it was two weeks ago: a total of 5lbs gained to-date. 

Not worrisome as baby boy is growing & developing exactly as expected, my fundal height measured perfectly (31 centimeters), and his heartbeat was loud and strong!  Plus, the majority of weight gained is in the last 4-6 weeks when baby begins to pack on the pounds himself.  Regardless, I wasn't in my "ideal" weight range when I got pregnant so, it seems my body is simply shedding unwanted fat reserves at the same speed I'm gaining pregnancy weight.

We discussed a lot at this appointment, which was exciting and made it all so clear at just how close we are getting to his birth:

* Signs of pre-term labor
* The importance of kick counts and awareness regarding a decrease in baby's movements
* Pre-registration with the hospital (we've already done!) and a childbirth refresher class (scheduled for May 14th!)
* An upcoming GBS swab to check for a specific streptococcal bacteria in the birth canal
* Cord blood banking
* Choosing a Pediatrician (we will use Emily's Pediatrician for him)
* Induction policies (they will set an induction date for 6-7 days past my due date, just as they did for Emily)

Then, I made my 35 week appointment (May 4th) and was told that I would be coming in every week, starting the following week, at week 36, until my due date.


  1. Exciting! It's fun when you start going every week.

  2. Glad this wasn't a "wordless Wednesday" :) Glad your appt went well. We also have our childbirth refresher on the 14th!
    By the way, finished the first of the hunger games book... onto book 2... so far it's quite good!

  3. Andrea - I'm so glad you are liking the series, it has really drawn me in! ;)

  4. Getting so close!!! I hope you're making progress on the baby name. :)


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