Cirque du Soleil's "Quidam"

Anyone who knows me knows that David and I follow Cirque du Soleil almost religiously (I even have a cousin who performs in "La Nuba" in Orlando, FL) and never miss a show in Las Vegas, Austin, TX, and The Bay Area here in California.

Most recently (March 9th) we saw "Quidam" at Cow Palace (note to self: never go there again as it's dirty and in a sketchy neighborhood!) and while it was authentic Cirque with their beautiful, emotional story-telling through dance and theater, the plot was a bit hard to follow and it didn't have the same flow of the plot through each act as we are use to in shows such as Ka, Ovo, and Kooza.  We didn't leave disappointed per se, just felt like something was lacking a bit.  

However, it made for a fantastic date night, which we are fitting in every chance we get before baby boy arrives.


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