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Who doesn't love The Lakeshore Learning Center?!?

Today, I found some of the most amazing products and I couldn't get us home fast enough for Emily to get started "doing her work" as she called it.  Her favorite today was the I Can Print wipe-off book.  She recognizes all the letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case, but hasn't yet mastered how to properly write each one and this book helps with just that skill.  It's really cute and I love that it uses dry-erase markers rather than wasting sheets of paper!

Another product we purchased today was a job chart to help motivate her to be responsible for herself and help foster a routine on a daily basis.  It only has six items on it: get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, pick up toys, take a bath, and be happy (which we are calling "have a positive attitude").  It also uses dry-erase markers and I have affixed magnetic tape to the back of it to hang on the fridge.  David and I are going to discuss what her reward will be at the end of each week should she accomplish all six items each day.  Anyone have any reward suggestions that are a hit with your Preschooler?

The last product we purchased is the Pre-K to Kindergarten Bridge Activities workbook.  Emily wants to do art projects, count, sound out letters, and draw pretty much every day so, why not let her do something specifically geared towards preparing her for Kindergarten!  This book has enough daily activities to last the entire summer and even includes a matrix that helps assign activities in a specific order. 

I'm hoping these things will also help to remind me to spend some quality, focused time with Emily each day, as I'm sure I'll be pre-occupied with this baby for the most part.  :)


  1. The dry-erase pages are the BEST for teaching writing! Great purchase! I was never great about keeping up with a reward chart.

    Instead we often worked on one 'issue' per week - picking up after yourself, having a good attitude, etc. I also find that the rewards can be really simple/basic. Children generally just love the sense of accomplishment that comes along with doing something well. But something we've done that worked really well was a 'treasure box'. I filled it with fun little items and wouldn't let her look inside until it was time to choose her prize. And we were always adding new stuff. It was insanely effective because she wanted to just look inside of it so bad that she'd do pretty much anything we asked. And, guess what? They still do 'treasure box' in first grade! And she STILL loves it! Ha!

    And, for us, it still seems to work best to work on one thing per week. At lest for Izzy it can get overwhelming if I'm throwing too many things at her to improve. She's a bit of a perfectionist though ;-) And these days I find that just promising to play a board game with her is plenty reward for her.

  2. Lakeshore!!!! And yes, those "bridge to" books are great. I use them in my tutoring as well....xoxo


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