Meal Planning: 4/10 thru 4/16

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I hardly spent anything this week due to most of our meals this week requiring very few ingredients and still having things left over from last week.  I also had a "$10 off your next purchase" coupon because I spent over $75 last week as well as several $0.49-$2.00 coupons from the weekly add, making my bill very small. 

Safeway: $79.09
[Budget: $150.00]
(3) Apple juice (on sale $1.99 ea plus $0.49 coupon off ea, limit 3)
Ivory dish soap (on sale $2.49 plus $1.00 coupon)
Foil (on sale $4.99 plus $2.00 coupon)
(2) BBQ sauce (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
Organic salsa
Fresh mozzarella
Organic milk
Shredded Mexican-style cheese (on sale $1.99 plus $0.49 coupon, limit 1)
Cheddar cheese snack sticks (on sale $1.99 plus $0.49 coupon, limit 1)
(5) Yogurt
Sour cream
Limes (on sale 2@$1.00)
Green onions (on sale $0.49)
Pineapple (on sale $2.99ea)
Seedless grapes (on sale $1.49/lb)
Organic strawberries (on sale $3.99)
Organic tomatoes
(2) Tostito's scoops chips (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
Live basil plant (on sale $1.99)
Orange (on sale $0.49/lb)
(2) Mangos (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
Sandwich bread (on sale $1.99)

Weekly Meal Plan
Grilled chicken salad
Chili and cornbread - ordered pizza instead of cooking this last week
Chicken fajitas with chips & guacamole
Orange chicken over rice
Turkey burgers
Chicken enchiladas

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