Meal Planning: 4/30 thru 5/6 - none due to our trip to Disneyland this week!

It is very strange to me, not to be looking through the weekly ads, checking out coupons, and planning meals for this upcoming week.  Meal planning has become part of my life; it makes my life so much easier and dinner time so much more enjoyable!

However, how freeing NOT to have to plan nor cook meals for the next week!

We have friends bringing dinner over Saturday night (plus gifts for Big Sister-to-be Emily and baby-to-be!) and we leave for Anaheim on Sunday morning.

Check back next week, Saturday May 7th, for that week's meal plan.


  1. Have a great trip! What a great thing to do with Emily before the baby arrives.

  2. I didn't know you were going to Disneyland! I'm jealous, which is absurd because we were just there in January for a big family trip with the inlaws (my SIL chose to spend her 30th bday there and everyone went) and last year too for Owen's 3rd birthday because Jordan had a trade show at the Anaheim Convention Center, so why not?

    Have a great last family-of-3 trip. If you haven't seen World of Color before in DCA, it's amazing, and don't forget to get fast passes for it as soon as DCA opens. Please post lots of photos when you get back! I never get sick of Disneyland :)

  3. Thanks, Sarah!!

    KateB - thank you so much for the info on World of Color! We will get our Fastpasses before the park even opens to the general public (we are Disney Castmembers and get in earlier than everyone else) for sure! Heard it's amazing! :)

  4. Have fun!!! I hope the week is loaded with fun, memories, and no pregnancy issues to interfere. :)


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