New foods CAN be introduced at any age!

It's no secret David is a very healthy eater and always working on staying in the best shape possible, which encourages me to do the same and sets an excellent example for Emily.

It's also no secret that Emily idolizes her daddy and always wants to do what he does, go with him to work or to fish, and, apparently, eat what he eats.  Do any of you remember her obsession with fresh juice David makes [almost] every morning?  She was barely 2 and was drinking freshly squeezed carrots, celery, apples, kale, spinach, and even wheat grass!

Well, lately, David's been eating more oatmeal for breakfast and Emily declared to me that she wanted some "ointmell" while grocery shopping with me a few weeks ago.  :)  I bought her some of that instant-with-dried-fruit-to-mix-in stuff for kids and she has eaten a bowl every single morning for over a week now!  She loves that it has fiber and protein (we make it with milk) to make her what she calls super strong and loves to eat it with David most of all.

Who knew she would like oatmeal?

And why haven't I offered it to her before now?

No clue.

She ate it daily as a baby but I guess, maybe I gave in to toddler pickiness and a lot of previous favorite foods got left behind...

Lesson learned: new foods CAN be introduced at any age!


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