Appointment: 35 weeks 5 days

This week's appointment was the start of my weekly Ob/Gyn appointments.

My blood pressure was normal, my fundal height measured 33 centimeters, and I gained 3lbs in the last two weeks (greasy, fried food and Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches from Disneyland will do that to you!).  I have gained 8lbs total this pregnancy.

I was still a bit swollen around my ankles and my back was hurting a bit, all due to the heat and walking around Disneyland for 5 days!  :)

Baby boy was asleep during the entire appointment so, my Ob/Gyn was able to locate his heartbeat immediately.  As usual, he's head down pointing toward my left hip bone with his feet up in my right rib cage.  His heartbeat was loud and strong.  Always my favorite part.

My next appointment is Thursday, May 12th and is my first internal exam.


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