Appointment: 36 weeks 4 days

Another great weekly appointment!

As expected this late in pregnancy, progress has started to slow down and can stop all together.

I haven't gained any weight this last week for a total weight gain this pregnancy of 8lbs.

My fundal height is still measuring a wee bit small at 33 centimeters (should be closer to 36 centimeters).  This is mainly due to how difficult it is to measure my belly these days as baby boy is head-down to my left hip with his knees/feet up in my right rib cage. 

He was asleep during this appointment so it was really easy to locate his heartbeat, which was loud and strong.

During this appointment I had the Group B strep test (a vaginal swab).

My next appointment is Wednesday, May 18th.


  1. Exciting! I can't wait for my appointment tomorrow. I had better NOT have regressed in my dilation...I'm proud of those 2 cm!

  2. Glad everything's going well! I cringe when I see your 8 pounds of total weight gain. At 13 weeks I've already surpassed that, I think :D. But you look fantastic and got into great shape all while being pregnant- quite an accomplishment!

  3. Jess - So happy to read about your progress albeit a tiny bit jealous, ha! We are due the SAME day and I haven't even had an internal check yet so I have no clue what's going on in there. ;)

    Sarah - Oh my gosh, don't cringe... I easily had 15lbs to loose BEFORE getting pregnant, I really needed to gain as little weight as possible! ;) So unbelievably happy to share this journey with you! :)

  4. My little one is sitting hte same position!!
    Exciting in the last few weeks, isn't it!!


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