Appointment: 37 weeks 3 days

Today's appointment was full of surprises.

First, I came up GBS (Group B Strep) positive with this baby (I tested negative with Emily). My Ob/Gyn explained that 25-30% of pregnant women are carriers of this bacteria that *can* be passed to the baby upon delivery; however, because it's 100% treatable with IV antibiotics, it's very rare.  This information simply means they would like me to call and come in to the hospital the moment I go into labor and/or my water breaks.

Second, I have lost 1lb since my appointment last week, which brings my total weight gain this pregnancy to only 7lbs. Again, no big deal as it's completely normal for women to lose up to 3lbs in the final weeks of pregnancy and he is developing perfectly, as expected.

Third, I had my first internal exam. Painful, no. Uncomfortable, honestly no. It was not a big deal at all. My cervix is thick and completely closed at this point, which I'm personally happy about! I'm truly hoping baby boy stays put until my due date and even past a few days but I'm a control freak like that.  :)

My fundal height was 37 centimeters this week. Seems baby boy's position gave a more accurate reading this week compared to last week.  He is still head down towards my left hip and his knees/legs are up in my right rib cage area.  He's facing outwards, not towards my back like Emily was, which is much more comfortable for me.

I'm still rotating through all the Ob/Gyns in the practice, which I really like because you never know who's on-call when you deliver.

It was a great appointment!


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