Appointment: 38 weeks 2 days

Another great weekly appointment.

My weight is the same as last week, a total of 7lbs gained this pregnancy.  My fundal height was perfect at 38 centimeters (again, much more accurate this week because of baby boy's position).  My blood pressure was right inside the normal range.

My Ob/Gyn (I cycled through everyone in the practice and came back around to her this week!) found his heartbeat quickly, as he was asleep, and it was loud, steady, and strong.

She felt his position in my uterus, noting he was indeed still head-down and that he's really low, engaged in my pelvis, and that he really could come any day.  He's also more straight up and down, rather than curving around to my right side.  No internal exam (thank, God!) as I've had no early labor signs nor contractions and because I just didn't want one.  They don't routinely perform them regardless, until you go past your estimated due date or you are in early labor.  We also took some time to discuss the signs of labor (a repeat of our childbirth class), which I really appreciated as my brain is on baby overload at this point.  :)

My next appointment is next Thursday.


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