Disneyland: Day 4

We were up bright and early on Day 4 as we had to be inside The Grand Californian Hotel (next door to us) in order to get our World of Color FastPasses for that evening's 8:30pm show.

Emily absolutely LOVED the California Adventure Park and asked to go back there again so, we spent another awesome day there.

We started at Soarin', another very popular ride that normally has over an hour wait if you don't have a FastPass but because we were in line when the ride opened, we had no wait.  This is a can't-miss attraction!  You really do feel as though you are flying and you are hit with wind and even smells of the regions you are flying over.  It was amazing!!!

After a quick cool down under the mister,

We were off to A Bug's Land again to ride everything we missed yesterday and to re-ride all Emily's favorites.

Then, it was back to The Boardwalk to ride ToyStory Mania, which was so much fun and it was only too bad that it had such a long wait (45 minutes) with no FastPass or we would've ridden twice!

Emily won several prizes on The Boardwalk:

And thoroughly enjoyed her Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich treat before we called it a day and headed back to our hotel to enjoy the pool (at Emily's request) for 3 hours.  After showering and changing into warmer clothes (it was finally cooling down in Anaheim), we had dinner at The Storyteller's Cafe inside The Grand California hotel just before re-entering The California Adventure Park for the World of Color show.  The dinner buffet was really good and Emily really enjoyed getting to make her own pizza!

Once we arrived at The Pier inside the California Adventure Park, I was seated in a special (disabled) section where the benches were.  Normally, I wouldn't take a seat in such a section; however, 1) it was the only place to sit at all in the whole park and 2) there were three other pregnant women next to us.

We arrived early for the show and to ward off "the sillies", David bought Emily a light saber and she had our entire section laughing at her Ninja moves.

The show was spectacular and again, a must-see for everyone of any age!  Music, lights, fire, and animated effects made for one amazing half hour of entertainment!  I highly suggest standing furthest from the water-front as you can see the whole show much better and you are the first to get out of the park once it's over.  :)


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