Disneyland or BUST! A trip to celebrate Emily becoming a big sister!

David and I are so excited that he wrapped on Cars2 before this baby arrived so that we could finally take a family vacation.

Our last family vacation as a family of three.

A special vacation to celebrate Emily becoming a Big Sister. 

We even let her choose where we went and there were a lot of choices but she abruptly interrupted us when we came to "Disneyland" on the list, screaming; "Yes, yes, yes, Disneyland, DISNEYLAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!".  ha ha ha  Okay so, Disneyland it is!

We are staying inside the park at The Paradise Pier Hotel for the week and have planned some really great Character dining experiences to gratify Emily's current obsession with all the Disney Princesses (a brand new obsession, ignited by the release of Disney's "Tangled").

We are going to stay up late for the Fireworks, sleep in (Emily will have her very own Queen bed!), eat big breakfasts in our PJs, ride everything at least twice, lounge by the pool to pass the hottest part of the day every day, eat ice cream for lunch, get a picture with every Disney Princess, try to fit in some Jedi training, take mid-day naps (well, I will anyway), and Facetime with Gram and Aunt Jenny through it all.

No rules, no routine, nothing is off-limits.

We are especially thrilled to take Emily this time in particular, at 4 1/2 years old because 1) we won't have a stroller or diaper bag or any of that gear we had in years past when we've visited; 2) we won't be dealing with naps or mid-day tantrums due to exhaustion; and 3) she understands the concept of taking turns and waiting in line.  She's also 43" tall (and a total daredevil) thus, she can ride 95% of everything in both parks, which she will be doing with David while I take photos and capture them on video from a comfy, shady bench nearby with my feet propped up.  :) 

Stay turned for photos and updates this week!


  1. Have a wonderful time!!! Emily is going to remember this trip for many years. What a fun age to go to Disneyland. We took Tyler when I was pregnant last year and even though he was just under 2, he loved it. We also stayed at Paradise Pier and thought it was great. I hope you are able to stay somewhat rested - have fun!

  2. FUN! I may contact you to get your tips for a trip of our own one day! Have a blast!

  3. So you know exactly how I feel here, Lisa! ;)

    Chandra - anytime! We've been a few times now but really feel like we have the hang of it after this trip.


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