Meal Planning: 5/28 thru 6/3

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Like every week, this week's trip consisted mainly of dairy products and fresh produce; however, the Memorial Day weekend (Fri thru Mon) sales at Safeway (I get the ads for all three local grocery stores and check them weekly to determine where is the best place to shop) were incredible so, while I only needed about $85 of what I spent, in total I spent $156.75 in order to stock up and take advantage of so many great deals.

Deals worth mentioning:
* Francisco whole wheat french rolls - Buy 1, Get 1 Free ($4.99 savings)
* 4- 10ct Soft taco size Mission tortillas - on sale $1.99 plus $1.00 off coupon, limit 4 ($4.00 savings)
* Ovals dill pickles - Buy 1, Get 1 Free ($5.19 savings)
* 10 Stoneyfield organic yogurt - on sale $0.89 each plus $2.00 off coupon when you buy 10 ($5.00 savings and I bought 10 because their expiration dates were past June 20th and DH eats one every day at lunch)
* 4- 32oz bags of frozen tator tots - on sale $2.99 each plus $1.00 off coupon, limit 4 ($8.00 savings)
* 2 Beer & Brats sausages - on sale $3.99 ($4.00 savings)
* 64oz Heinz ketch-up - on sale $4.99 plus $1.00 coupon ($2.49 savings)
* Parmigiana-Reggiano block cheese - on sale $15.99/lb ($3.00 savings)

My budget: $150.00
Actually spent: $156.75

Because I have been stocking up so much in the past month, I had pretty much everything I needed to make the meals below, some a double batch of that I am freezing for quick meals once baby boy arrives.  I of course needed fresh oranges, limes, cilantro for my fajita marinade; an onion and carrots for my meatballs as well as for hubby's lunch this week; and french rolls for the brats and meatball subs.

A tip: I keep my meal plans written in on my monthly calendar so that I have a visual of what we've eaten so we don't have too many repeats.

Weekly Meal Plan
Brats and baked tator tots
Steak fajitas with chips & guacamole
Meatball subs - didn't eat this last week due to feeling ill, had cereal instead
Peach-BBQ glazed grilled chicken with a salad
Dinner out for Cars2 Wrap Party Movie Premiere

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