Discharged in 24 hours

My Ob/Gyn and another Ob/Gyn in the practice came by to visit us today.

Neither had any idea I had given birth just the day before but saw my name on the "board" and came by to congratulate us and check on me.

Because we both were doing so well, they offered to discharge me on the spot should I be eager to get home, and I was, so, at 9:00pm, I was wheeled to my car and David and I were driving home with Nolan in the back seat!

Emily had just been put to bed by Gram but wasn't asleep yet so, we made the call to get her up and let her meet her baby brother.  To say she was instantly in-love is an understatement!  She wanted to hold him right away and sing him some songs so, we spent the next hour doing just that.

We had a hard time convincing Emily to get back in bed as she didn't want to give Nolan back to me.

What more could we have asked for?  :)


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