A few of my favorite things... for newborns

For anyone who's ever had a baby I'm sure you can agree that registering for gifts and purchasing things for your soon-to-be child are really difficult as you just don't know what your child will like, what size he/she will be, whether the product is of high quality, how long something will last, and what quantity of certain products you should have.

And you won't really know the answers to any of those questions until your child is here wearing and using those products, which by then, it's too late to do anything about other than to try something else.

Oh! And anyone who's had more than one child can tell you that what worked for the first child didn't necessarily work for the second, adding to the frustration a bit.

For me, the things that worked, that I absolutely loved for Nolan include:
  •  Huggie's Lil Snugglers diapers - they are truly cut low enough in the front to not cover the umbilical cord stump. Pampers are not and have to be folded down. For my skinny legged little man, Pampers gape around the legs, Huggie's do not.
  • Carter's and Gerber brand side-snap t-shirts, onesies, and one piece sleep 'n plays (with and without feet) with fold-over mittens are the only clothing Nolan wears because, like most babies, he has little control over his arms and ends up scratching his face and neck when his hands are free. I have yet to find a separate mitten that stays on and I have purchased three different brands. 
  • TrumpetteToo 0-6mo socks (found mine at Target) are the best for tiny newborn feet! They are roomy in the foot but have a nice, tight elastic around the ankle that has yet to fall off or be kicked off, even over night. 
  • TommeeTippee Closer to Nature newborn bibs when breastfeeding (or bottle feeding!) are so soft and absorbent and are always right there where you need them when spit up happens and only get softer in the wash. 
  • Davie's baby wash and lotion has been my favorite to use with both kids! Pixar sent us a gift basket when Emily was born and again when Nolan was born with these products inside and they were my favorite things in the entire basket. 

Nolan is 8lbs 5.5oz and 20 1/2in and is very comfortably wearing size: Newborn diapers and clothing

As he grows, I'll add to this list!


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