First night in his bassinet... success!

Nolan's poor tummy seems to always be full of gas bubbles these days, making breastfeeding sessions lengthy and sleeping in his vibrating chair uncomfortable. He burps more easily when upright and seems to fall asleep side-lying quickly, which set off the light bulb in David's and my head late yesterday evening: let's try laying him more flat on his back in his bassinet.

Because we are up and down most of the night and like to watch television while breastfeeding, we are still sleeping in our living room so, David brought the bassinet downstairs from our bedroom. We elevated part of the mattress (with a blanket underneath it) and rolled up blankets to place on either side of him (for more warmth and that swaddled feeling) and put him in it where he slept a one and a half hour stretch. I breastfed him, burped him, and put him back in his bassinet twice more overnight where he slept a two and a half hour stretch, followed by a three hour stretch through 8:00am this morning.

Who knew?!?

Emily absolutely hated being flat on her back; she slept in the vibrating chair for eight solid weeks and in her bassinet for only a short two weeks (she outgrew it). Thus, placing Nolan flat on his back really wasn't on our radar.

Just goes to show you that every child really is different and you have to try everything!  ;)


  1. Oh my goodness! I have been checking from my phone every day - which evidently needs to be re-set, as none of your posts starting with Nolan's birth story showed up there. I am so glad he is sleeping so much for you, that you have help, the birth went well, and Emily is adjusting so well. This post is one I will keep in mind, as I have been preparing myself for the fact this baby will be different from my son and I have to keep an open mind - try things that didn't work for him and all. :) Sleep well, Mama!

  2. He looks so cozy! We got our first taste of "every child is different" today - apparently this baby is a chunky one. Our son was born at 6lbs 10 oz, and at 33 weeks this little girl's estimated weight was already 5lbs 15oz! Guess we probably won't need any preemie clothes this time around.

  3. HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Just found you via Twitter and I LOVE your blog! Can't wait to spend some more time here reading and seeing :)
    Here's to wishing you great nap times today-


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