Meal Planning: 6/18 thru 6/24

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Thanks to so many of our friends and neighbors, as well as all the cooking and freezing I did in the weeks leading up to Nolan's birth, we haven't had to shop for nor cook a single meal in over two weeks now, what a blessing! Again this week, our weekly grocery bill has consisted of only some fresh produce, milk and yogurt, deli meat, and a loaf of sandwich bread.

This week we are having:
Grilled chicken fajitas with chips & guacamole
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes & gravy
Baked ziti with garlic bread
Pesto chicken pasta with a salad
Sloppy Joe's with oven-fries
Lettuce wraps


  1. Hey you!!! I haven't been reading many blogs lately because Noel is now WALKING (ahhh!) but just wanted to give you a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Nolan is sooooo cute and sweet - how much are you loving the newborn phase the 2nd time around?? (And good name choice - everyone asks if Noel is short for Nolan! :) )

    Enjoy every 2nd because I swear, the 2nd baby grows up 3x as fast!!! Time flies!


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