Meal Planning: 6/25 thru 7/1

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Because I am breastfeeding and Nolan isn't sleeping on any predictable schedule, I had David to the grocery shopping for this week and he totally rocked it, even with all my very specific, Organic pickiness. :) No photo this week, I honestly just didn't have the time as David was eager to get the groceries unloaded so he could get Emily outside to play in the sunshine. He spent $114.86 and the bulk of this was fresh produce (Organic romaine hearts, cherries, pineapple, organic spinach, bananas, organic strawberries) and dairy products, including organic milk, yogurt and cheese. Our pantry was stocked with chicken marinade, salad dressing, chips, taco shells, dried pasta, and hamburger buns and we still have a pan of enchiladas and stuffed shells in our freezer to make meal planning very easy this week.

This week we are having:
Grilled chicken and zucchini with a salad
Enchiladas with chips & guacamole (freezer meal)
Chicken piccata with angel hair pasta
Crispy beef tacos
Grilled chicken BLT sandwiches
Stuffed shells (freezer meal)


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