Nolan's Birth Story

Nolan Sean Shavers made his debut 3 days early, on Thursday, June 2nd at 4:39pm after 19 hours of labor, 12 minutes of pushing (almost identical to the labor I had with Emily).  He was 8lbs 1oz and 20in long.

The birth story details:

I started having regular, time-able, but not painful contractions at 9:30pm on Wednesday, June 1st. Each lasting 55 - 75 seconds and two to three minutes apart which we timed for three hours as we just couldn't believe this could be "it". Everything in the books and our childbirth class said this was active labor, where you dilate from approximately four centimeters to seven centimeters. However, there was no pain except for the absurd amount of pressure from Nolan being engaged in my pelvis that I had felt since 3:30am on Wednesday. It was nearly impossible to stand upright and walk. So, we decided to call and were told to come into the hospital to be checked. We called my friend and neighbor to come sleep over with Emily and off we went.

1:30am - we arrived at Alta Bates in Triage and I was checked at only 1.5cm however Nolan was at a 0-1+ station. With every contraction he was dropping lower onto my cervix, trying to push through the birth canal. The Triage nurse made it clear that I would not be going home as I most likely would not be able to know when I was in real, active labor as my contractions were already measuring as such. Because I was feeling no pain, I was instructed to walk the halls for two hours and drink 96oz of water. Talk about painful! I spent at least an hour of that in the bathroom! ;) We also called my mom in Texas (it was 3:30am there) to let her know she should get to the airport by 5:00am to catch the first flight out at 6:25am.

3:30am - I was checked at 2.5cm and baby was at +1 station and I was started to feel uncomfortable with each contraction, which were still coming every two to three minutes and lasting a minute. so, I was dressed in hospital gowns and my admittance paperwork got started.

4:30am - Contractions started getting painful at this point, around a 4-5 and I had to draw on the relaxation, breathing, and focusing techniques we learned in our childbirth class. I was the most uncomfortable in the bed but because I had to be monitored, the most I could do was try to sit upright as much as possible.

5:30am - I was officially admitted and taken to my room #3214 with my pain level at a 7-8. Breathing and staying focused through each contraction, which came every two minutes and lasted a minute or more, became really difficult; I caught myself three times becoming hysterical. Thankfully, David stayed focused and massaged my back with tennis balls as well as verbally encouraged me through each contraction. My IV was put in and they began the penicillin drip to treat the Group B strep bacteria I'm a carrier for and I was brought some ice chips.

7:00am - The Ob/Gyn on-call came to check on me and I was at 4cm with my pain at an unbearable 9-10 level. I was becoming hysterical with each contraction and decided I was ready for my epidural as I had progressed enough in my mind to feel more confident that it wouldn't stall labor this time, like it did with Emily.

8:00am - The Anesthesiologist got my epidural in (after what felt like a lifetime though only three contractions) and I had full numbness, sweet relief, by 8:30am. My nurse Susan was beyond fantastic and said she would be in every two hours to check my pain level and my cervix for further dilation.

10:00am - I was checked at 5cm and felt no pain, dare I say I was extremely happy and relaxed! David and I talked about how exciting this all was and how much better my labor was this time around and were really relishing every moment that ticked by, anticipating the birth of our son.

12:00pm - I was checked at 5.5cm and talked to my mom who had arrived at 10:30am and was now with Emily.

2:00pm - I was checked at 6cm and the Ob/Gyn decided I should get a small amount of pitocin to help my labor progress.

4:00pm - I began to feel a lot of pressure so, I called the nurse and when she came to check me I was at 10cm and fully effaced. It was time to push! The Ob/Gyn came in and had me do a few practice pushes (to see if my epidural had worn off enough) and said I was doing perfectly so, everything was prepared for his birth.

4:27pm - I started pushing and watched through a mirror as he was born just twelve minutes later at 4:39pm. His head was perfectly round, he had all ten fingers and toes, and though he was a little sleepy, he let out a glorious cry within seconds of being placed on my chest and rubbed down with towels. David cut his umbilical cord and we snuggled him while I delivered the placenta and the Ob/Gyn repaired my second degree tear (same as with Emily). We noticed right away that he has blond/ash hair and electric blue eyes (just like Emily and I).

He was weighed and measured and given his first bath and then, I got to breastfeed him, which he did as if already were a pro. Hospital staff came to take his footprints and security photos and he was given his HepB and Vitamin K injections.  Within a few hours, I was helped out of bed and dressed in those lovely mesh underwear and jumbo pads before being wheeled to my recovery room #4524.

As the recovery nurses came in with dinner and our Newborn book, David and I just took some time to be thankful; thankful for our perfect, healthy son, my problem-free labor & delivery, and this very special time together to bond with our son. Then, we called family and arranged for my mom to come to the hospital later in the evening.

Unless I am discharged early, we will be here until Saturday morning with my mom and David taking turns being at home with Emily as we don't intend for her to visit while I am in the hospital (she would be upset to leave me at the end of the visit).

This was an amazing experience and I find myself truly enjoying every moment!


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