Well-visit: Two weeks old

Today was Nolan's two week old well-check with his Pediatrician.

Weight: 8lbs 5 1/2oz
Length: 20 1/2in
Head circumference: 35cm

Nolan was sound asleep when we arrived and got a rude awakening when we had to strip him naked for his weight check with the Nurse. He was so upset, crying loudly and wanting to nurse back to sleep. :( With some snuggling and rocking, I got him calmed down... a little too well because he fell back asleep only to be woken again when his Pediatrician arrived to examine him. After giving him a full examination, our Pediatrician noted he was growing right along the curve, maybe even a little ahead as he had already reached his birth weight just before he turned two weeks old and because he's sleeping longer and more predictably than the average newborn.

His baby acne has all cleared up and he has no noticeable soft/bald spots on his perfectly round little noggin.

We discussed circumcision and based on our research and personal preferences, as well as how our Pediatrician feels about the procedure based on his personal experience performing them, we feel it's just not right for Nolan.

Our next well-visit is at six weeks old on July 14th.


  1. I am so proud and happy that y'all decided to keep Nolan intact! Wish more people would get informed!

  2. As am I!! Good job momma and dady!


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