Good-bye, Gremlin... we hope!

It has been over a week since Nolan morphed into a Gremlin and we experienced what we call the "witching hours" at night: fussy, gassy, nearly inconsolable crying in between cluster feeding marathon nursing sessions and 25-45 minute cat naps from 6:00pm until Midnight. Instead, he has been sleeping about an hour around 6:00pm and after nursing him we give him a bath and a lotion massage, change him into his PJs, and turn down all the lights and television volume. He nurses again around 9:00pm and has been going down for the longest stretch of sleep over night around 10:00pm. He sleeps about six hours, waking around 4:00am to nurse and is back down an hour later for another two to three hours.

Whew! Not sad to see those days come to an end... at least for now! ;)

With kids you just never know when a particular phase is actually over.


  1. It seemed at least for me, as soon as I thought I figured it out during, the baby would change things on me! Hopefully Nolan continues sleeping well for you.

  2. Glad things are better for now. I laugh out loud at the thought of newborns as gremlins. Celia definitely was one!


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