He has outgrown his Newborn sized clothes!

Well, our little crouton has officially outgrown his newborn sized clothing at just over five weeks old. All of his one-piece outfits are up to his calves and his little fists are busting through all of his fold-over mitts!

So, I pulled the tags off all of his short- and long-sleeved onesies and pants and ordered 0-3month sized sleepers that should arrive this week. They swallow him a bit (why is there such a huge size difference between Newborn and 0-3month?!?) but we all know babies grow quickly and I'm sure he'll be filling them out soon.

I'm so glad I didn't go overboard with newborn sized clothing with Nolan, like I did with Emily (and to be fair, it was Gram and the rest of our friends & family that did all the shopping!).

What I had with Nolan in Newborn size:
* 5 one-piece sleepers with fold-over mitts
* 2 one-piece sleepers with attached feet and no fold-over mitts
* 5 short-sleeve onesies
* 1 long-sleeve cardigan
* 4 pairs cotton pants
* 4 pairs socks

He lived in his one-piece sleepers (he rarely had on the onesies with pants because it was just too difficult to pull stuff over his head and too much material to change so many diapers) and I actually wish we had about five more only because he went through 2-3 every day and had us doing laundry every other day.

In 0-3month size I have:
* 6 one-piece sleepers with feet attached (PJs he wears mostly at night)
* 2 one-piece sleepers without feet
* 8 pairs of socks that look like little Van's (thanks, Kellie!!!)
* 5 long-sleeve onesies with matching cotton pants
* 15 short-sleeve onesies
* 4 pairs pants that match all the onesies
* 1 hoodie

* 3 cotton short-sleeve shirt + cotton overall sets (tags still on as it's been a cold summer and I'm not certain he'll even get to wear these so, I'd like to be able to take them back should I need to)
* 2 sleeveless shorts rompers (again, tags still on in case I'd like to return them)


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