My baby is going to Kindergarten... when will I stop crying?

Oh my goodness, is it really possible that my baby, my little Claire-bear is going off to Kindergarten in just seven short weeks?

Yep, the 2011-2012 school calendar was just released and Emily's first day of school is Monday, August 29, 2011!

I'm filled with so many emotions and often times doubt about whether we made the right decision to send her rather than holding her back one more year (the age cut-off in California is December 2nd and Emily will be five September 10th);

* can we get up, get ready, and get to school by 8:20am (yikes, that's early for us!) and with all of us in one piece, still liking each other?
* will Emily be a stage four clinger, hesitating to leave me standing at the threshold or stroll in confidently to take her seat and will a day come that I don't cry when dropping her off?
* will she like her teacher and almost more importantly, will the teacher and other kids like her?
* will she be able to communicate her needs and be heard or disappear in the crowd of 25?
* is she going to listen and follow directions and classroom rules or will I get a call from the Principal the first day of school (is there a parent out there who doesn't get embarrassed over this?!?)?
* can she even carry her backpack (she's only 38lbs and 42" tall) and open her own lunch or will she starve (I didn't say any of this would be rational)?
* what will she be like out of my sight and protection?
* what the heck will I do all day long without her (other than take care of Nolan, of course)?

Why is school such a scary place for parents of young children? Ugh. I'm so anxious of this brand new unknown we are venturing into, kind of like how I felt the weeks leading up to her birth! And yet, I'm excited to take her back-to-school shopping for school supplies (the list is surprisingly short, I must admit), some new clothes, and to get that special first day of school haircut. Bouncing between these two extremes of frightened and delighted is going to make me have grey hair long before I'm ready!

Do you have a child in school?

Would you care to share your coping strategies or just some it-will-all-be-okay anecdotes?


  1. no child in school obviously but I know I will be a wreck when the day comes too!

    She's so pretty. How exciting. I bet she will love it!

  2. Well, as a teacher I can tell you that she will be absolutely FINE! In fact, she'll probably do great. Even when kids do have a rocky start (and most don't at all), it's short-lived and they adjust so quickly to everything.

    As a mom? I feel anxiety for you, and it's not even my own daughter- ha! I totally feel for you. It's such a big, exciting step but also scary.

  3. Can totally relate.. I'm extremely anxious, however, Rodri has been in full day preschool for a year already and he did fine.. but preschool was a very smooth transition.. I'm actually holding him back a year, he'll be doing Jr. K (private) and the curriculum is pretty extensive and nothing like preschool. I'm worried about him fitting in (he refuses to speak english) and not finding all the accommodations his preschool made for his sensory issues.. I'm also stressing out about food.. Rodri is a very poor eater and I have to send him lunch and snacks (didn't have to do before) and I also worry he'll starve and won't eat!! arghh...

  4. Thanks April, Sarah, and Liza... will there ever come a day when we DON'T worry about them!??!? :)


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