Nolan: one month old

How God knew to give us Nolan is honestly beyond comprehension; he is the perfect addition to our family and David, Emily and I can't remember life before him. We're all adjusting and really enjoying each day, especially those when our family is in town visiting, friends & neighbors drop by, and when David is off work.

Nolan's stats at one month old:

Height/weight: I would have to guess somewhere around 9 1/2lbs and 21" long. We don't have an appointment until June 14th when he will be six weeks old.

Diapers: Huggie's size Newborn; 7-9 in 24 hours. He loves getting his diaper changed and never makes a sound though he does cause quite a stir when he pees on you without warning. :)

Clothes: Carter's and Gymboree size Newborn onesies with pants and a pair of socks during the day and one-piece sleep 'n plays over night. Most of his one-piece sleep 'n plays are short in the legs and arms so, he's only wearing those without the feet attached, and his onesies are feeling snug. We have his 0-3 month collection of clothes washed and ready to wear as we begin to retire his newborn outfits this week.

Sleep: 7-8 hours in total overnight. He goes down around 11:00pm, waking once to nurse around 3:00am. Goes back down around 4:00am and is up between 7:00-8:00am. This is just an example of the last couple of days, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Daytime naps: 8-10 hours in total (one to three hours in length), still inconsistent day to day at this point but the past three days have included a two hour nap from 9:00-11:00am and a three hour nap from about 1:00-4:00pm, with several 45-55 minute naps between 4:00pm and 10:00pm. We can only assume he's building up a reserve of calories to prepare for the longer stretches of sleep over night.

Favorite places to sleep: Vibrating chair, Swing, Ergo, and car seat during the day (he loves the motion!) and his bassinet exclusively, which is next to our bed at night; he's not swaddled and hasn't been since about five days old but he likes having a blanket over him, tucked around him, which mimics a swaddle.

Meal time: Nolan is exclusively breast fed currently, nursing 6-8 minutes on each breast, taking both breasts at each feeding with burping in-between and after. We offer him the bottle (Dr. Brown's) every day since three weeks old but has only accepted it once. He's also not a fan of the pacifier, preferring to pacify at the breast. We recently switched to Nuk pacifiers (from Soothies) and just purchased Nuk bottles to try as he responded better to this brand.

Bath time: Nolan's favorite days of the week are days when he gets a bath (about every third day)! He is so alert and silent, looking around and kicking his feet. We lay him on his Munchkin sponge in the bottom of our tub with just a few inches of water in it and cover him with a Turtle-shaped bath buddy towel (so cute!) to keep him warm. He love his baby massage with lotion afterward as well.

Features: Blond, light brown hair (including his eyelashes and eyebrows) and electric blue eyes; baby acne is clearing up; and his finger nails and toenails need to be cut back (or filed down) every other week. He has his Pawpaw's (my dad) ears but resembles Emily when she was a newborn most of all. It will be so fun to find each of our genes in him as he grows.

Personality: Nolan seems to be extremely patient and quiet, only crying out when he's hungry but even then he can be calmed when you are holding him.

Milestones/recent developments: He turns his head and looks in your direction when he hears your voice (and loud noises) and is so alert between the times he's asleep, which is about one to one and a half hours. He's starting to smile while nursing, just before falling asleep... it's more of a reflex than a real first smile but it's cute nonetheless.

Routine/Schedule: Everything is still "on demand" with no real consistency from one day to the next as of today.


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