Well-visit: six weeks old

Today was Nolan's six weeks old well-check.

Weight: 10lbs 15oz
Length: 21 3/4"
Head circumference: 38cm

He had to have three immunizations (HepB, DTaP, and Flu) plus the oral Rotovirus preventative. Boy, was that rough on everyone, especially Emily who cried and covered her ears and at one point even covered her eyes. She was "angry" and "didn't want to watch that", in her words. :( I'm so glad David was with us because I was a hot, sweaty mess, choking back tears as I watched both of my children cry.

Thankfully, Nolan is perfectly healthy, growing along the curve as expected, though he's a tiny little crouton, holding steady in the 25-50th percentile. A little baby acne on his torso and arms but that's about it. Our Pediatrician wants us to give him a Vitamin D supplement. Apparently, it's been recently discovered that there isn't an adequate amount of Vitamin D in breast milk. Who knew? Just one drop on your nipple or finger a day is all it takes so, I'll order that online (can be hard to find in stores).

The only questions we raised were regarded him rejecting the bottle after trying every day for nearly two weeks now. Of course this is normal as most breast-fed babies prefer the breast; however, she did give us the name of a fabulous Lactation Consultant who has a great deal of experience in helping mothers who are returning to work pump breast milk and get their babies to take a bottle. I'm hoping she'll have some suggestions for us. David and Emily both want to bond with Nolan further, by feeding him, and I would feel good knowing I can leave him with David for a few hours to get away myself. ;) 

His next appointment is August 15th for his two month well-check.


  1. Good luck with the bottles. I'm sure you'll feel a nice sense of freedom if he can take a bottle every so often :).

    Maybe you already have a D supplement in mind, but I get Sunlight Vitamins Just D online for Celia. They don't have any dyes, additives, or anything extra that you might not want. I'd definitely recommend.

  2. Poor Emily! That is so sweet and sad. I didn't take Avery to Jakes appt because she had her well check appt the next week and I didn't want to traumatize her.

    You're doing so much better than me with introducing a bottle, it's just more work that I want to deal with right now. Jake has had one bottle, and Hunter said he took it ok. He'll be trying again next week when I go see Harry Potter! Lol

    Just a thought, lots of babies do better if mom is NO where close. Get out and take a walk while David tries to give him a bottle, and use freshly expressed milk instead of frozen or warmed...just until he starts taking the bottle better.

    Sorry for the novel! Lol.

  3. Thanks so much, Andrea... I think I will start taking Emily on a bike ride for an hour while David attempts the bottle tonight! ;)

    Sarah - thanks for the Sunlight rec, I'll research those!


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