First Day of Kindergarten

Emily's first day of Kindergarten at Edison Elementary... what a milestone for all parents but especially for me, as a Stay-at-home-mom who's never really sent Emily to an activity without me (other than a few mornings at Preschool) where there's only one adult, the teacher, and 24 other kids.

I would be lying if I said this was easy.

I was so nervous I barely slept last night but Emily was full of excitement! She picked out her own clothes and helped me pack her backpack with her school supplies. Kindergarten is only 8:20-11:40am the first two weeks so, no lunchbox to pack.

Unfortunately, Nolan fell asleep half an hour before we had to be at school so, David had to stay at home with him and I took Emily to school. We live close enough to walk but had a backpack full of heavy school supplies so we drove. Emily flew out of the car so fast I had to chase after her, she was so excited to get on school grounds.  :)

A friend that's in her class offered to take our photo just outside her classroom door. Emily was hesitant as it was "wasting her time" to get in class. ha!

Once in, her Teacher Mrs. S instructed the kids to put their supplies in a bucket and then, hang up their backpacks on any hook. They aren't assigned. Then, she told them to sit at any desk they would like. She does a seating chart after the first month of school when she has a better understanding of each child's personality, learning style, and who they get along best with. Emily grabbed a desk at the very front of the class.

Mrs. S told the kids they could start playing with the bucket on the desks. Emily went for the horses and was interacting and sharing with her deskmate in minutes.

I kissed her, told her I loved her, and reminded her of her manners before leaving. My "baby" never even looked back at me as I left. *sniff*

We were told to wait on the playground side of the classroom (there is also an interior door to the classroom but the hallway is crowded) for pick up. Mrs. S announced each child's name, allowing them to run out to their parent. Emily ran to me and greeted me with a gigantic grin and a "I love school, it's so fun, mama!".

We played hopscotch on the blacktop with a few friends and leisurely strolled home (Nolan was napping so I walked to school to pick Emily up), talking all about Kindergarten. Mrs. S taught them a good-morning song, they rhymed and drew self-portraits, and played with puppets during storytime.

I didn't think Emily's smile could get any bigger until I told her we were going to McDonald's for lunch (after we got home and I nursed Nolan) to celebrate her first day.

We spent the afternoon playing at the park and settled down with a snack and a movie to end the day. Emily was so exhausted she was completely passed out for the night at 7:00pm.

David and I are so happy that she loved her first day of school. She is eager to go back and start making new friends.

Now, if we could only stop crying...  :)


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