Nolan: two months old

Nolan's stats at one month old:

Height/weight: I would have to guess somewhere around 11lbs and 22" long as he was 10lbs 15oz and 21 3/4" long at his six week well-check and that was only two weeks ago. We don't have an appointment until August 15th when he will be 10 weeks old.

Diapers: We just moved to Pampers size 1-2 (I love this half size!!!) today! He had just used up a 216ct. box of Huggie's Lil Snugglers size 1 and used up all the Pampers Swaddlers size 1 the hospital sent us home with and were on the fence about weather to move up a size in one brand or buy a small bag of the Huggie's we love so much as he recently started having blowouts and the diapers just seemed hard to get on. Thankfully, Pampers Baby Dry makes an in-between size! He has approximately 7-9 diaper changes in 24 hours. Nolan has actually started whimpering and squirming when he has a poopy diaper! He loves having his diaper changed and will just lie there, kicking his feet, smiling & cooing at you, and staring at the swinging pendulum of the clock on the wall.

Clothes: Carter's, Old Navy, Circo, Janie & Jack and Gymboree size 0-3 month long-sleeve onesies with pants and a pair of socks during the day (it's only about 70 degrees here and breezy through the summer) and a 0-3 month Carter's one-piece sleep 'n play over night. He's finally starting to fill out his 0-3 month clothing with Old Navy running the smallest and fitting him the snuggest and Carter's running the largest with room to grow! Part of establishing his bed time routine includes putting on actual PJs at night. Also, after his first diaper change in the morning, I change him into an outfit and normally have to wash the PJs because of spit up and diaper messes.

Sleep: 8-10 hours in total overnight. He goes down around 10:00pm, waking once to nurse around 5-6:00am... what a treat! He goes back down around 7:00am and is up between 8:00-9:00am. This is just an example, every day is still a bit inconsistent though we have been getting a good six to seven hour stretch of sleep every night for the past week. 

Daytime naps: 5-7 hours in total though very inconsistent day to day at this point. Most days, he takes four to six naps lasting 45 minutes to one hour and he is awake to nurse, be changed, and play for about an hour and a half in between. However, three days this past week and four days the week before, he took one long three to four hour nap in the middle of the day.

Favorite places to sleep: He loves his new Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, vibrating chair, swing, Ergo, and car seat during the day and his bassinet exclusively, which is next to our bed, at night; he's not swaddled and hasn't been since about five days old but he likes having a blanket over him, tucked around him, which mimics a swaddle.

Meal time: Nolan is exclusively breast fed currently, normally nursing 6-8 minutes on each breast, taking both breasts at each feeding with burping in-between and after. There are times he's exhausted from cat napping that he will nurse and then, pacify to sleep for 15 minutes or longer! We offer him the bottle (Nuk latex nipples on Dr. Brown's bottles) every day but he's just not a fan. He still refuses a pacifier as well but has been caught sucking the back of his fingers and hands.

Bath time: He loves it! He is big enough for the Infant Safer Bather now and we still cover him with a Turtle-shaped bath buddy towel to keep him warm. He loves his baby massage with lotion afterward as well, he just lays there, starring up at the light fixtures.

Features: His hair is still blond, light brown (including his eyelashes and eyebrows) and his eyes are still electric blue eyes; his baby acne is completely gone though he has that dreaded cradle cap; and his finger nails and toenails have to be cut weekly! And when he smiles, it's sort of this Elvis-right lip-curl. :)

Personality: Nolan seems to be extremely patient and quiet, only crying out when he's hungry or poopy but even then he can be calmed when you are holding him. There have been times when he will cry for what seems like no reason and is only calm once I am holding him. I read that babies this age can prefer one person over all others so, this could explain it.

Milestones/recent developments: He smiles and coos and makes other adorable sounds all the time, it's so precious! He is getting stronger every day, holding his head up for minutes at a time when you are holding him and when on his belly. We just started tummy time every day on his play mat. He also arcs his arms (we call it slapping his mitts) and wrings his hands and will tightly grasp a toy, burp cloth, or even your finger when you touch the palms of his hands. David also noticed that he rubs his face in your chest when he's tired and uncomfortable; this is our que to start the "Five S's" of The Happiest Baby on the Block: swaddling (we hold tightly), holding him on his side/stomach, swaying/rocking, "ssshhhh"ing, and letting him suck/pacify on the breast if the first four don't work. He is fast asleep in no time this way!

Routine/Schedule: Everything is still "on demand" with no real consistency from one day to the next though we do turn the lights and volumes down around 8:00pm every night, change him into PJs even when we don't bathe him, and I don't talk or sing to him while nursing, burping or changing his diaper much above a whisper in an effort to start establishing a bed time routine. Also, first thing in the morning, all the lights go on, the radio or TV goes on, Emily is allowed to run, jump, sing, and play as normal, and we go about daily life regardless of if he's asleep.


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