Ten weeks postpartum

 We did manage to fit in TWO walks this past week

Well, it's been ten weeks since Nolan was born and although my weight-loss has slowed down drastically (as expected), I'm still losing close to half a pound per week.

I have lost 23.2lbs to date and have finally gone under that 20lbs-to-go mark, yea!!!

I wish I could tell you all some inspiring story about working out 3x a week but that would be a big fat lie. I haven't so much as driven past my gym in the past two weeks though we did manage a short, half mile walk twice last week! There's just no time right now because all of my energy is going into getting Emily into a solid routine for Kindergarten (which starts in two weeks!). Also, because Nolan needs to be nursed every 2-3 hours and only naps about an hour at a time and only in your arms (some times in his car seat while driving and while I wear him in my Ergo carrier), it's damn near impossible to get to the gym in my very little free time. It's also hard to predict when we can get to the gym and the gym daycare requires you make an appointment for daycare for children under age one (to ensure they have a 1:1 ratio for babies).

So, for now, I'm just continuing to eat as healthily as possible; five to six meals a day each about 300 calories. Breastfeeding and pumping is what is expending so many calories and causing my weight-loss, though I'm sure all the rocking/swaying/holding of my 12lb baby isn't hurting.  :)

Yes, I am still taking my prenatal vitamin and I am sleeping about 6-8 hours a night. Once Emily goes to school, I hope to fit in a nap along with working out but that may be too lofty of a goal.


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