Twelve weeks postpartum

I can't believe I had a baby twelve weeks ago, nearly three months has gone by in the blink of an eye!

Nolan isn't on a real schedule, we still do everything on-demand; however, I have noticed some consistency to his days lately, which has helped tremendously in my ability to fit in an hour walk everyday! Every hour and a half he's ready for a nap and most naps approximately 45 minutes. He also no longer hates his car seat (small victory!) so, after he's been fed, burped, and changed around 10:00am and it's getting close to that hour and a half mark, I get him in his car seat (he goes in willingly... I never thought I'd see the day!), load my Bob jogger, and off we go for an hour. It normally takes him about 10-12 minutes to fall asleep (some times less, some times more) and I know I can always count on at least 45 minutes of sleep from him. Emily goes with me and often rides on the front of the stroller because her "legs are exhausted" ha! I'm a hot, sweaty, stinky mess once we return home as I walk at a very fast pace and am normally sore later in the evening, but it really does feel great to get my heart pumping and I'm noticing more fat loss around my thighs and in my butt with how loose my clothes are. In fact, those khaki pants I have on are now, officially, a size too big and they were once too tight, before I even got pregnant. Yea!!

I'm still holding steady at 23.2lbs lost total with no additional weight lost in the past two weeks. I'm truly okay with that as I know my body is shrinking and I'm happy with my appearance regardless of the number on the scale. And, the rapid weight loss was bound to end now that my milk supply has regulated. Speaking of breast milk, I am exclusively breastfeeding and pumping a few times a week when Nolan takes a really long nap and I end up too full.

Some improvements: I need to do a better job of steaming vegetables on Sundays so I have a quick, healthy, addition to my lunches for the entire week and I definitely need to drink more water. It's such a sorry excuse but I just get so busy during the day that, before I know it it's 4:00pm and I haven't had any water since earlier that morning. I'm fitting in at least one walk a day and may end up making it two, once Emily starts school next week. I'm also really looking forward to getting to the gym once I can get Nolan on a napping schedule.


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! Although I know what you mean about taking care of yourself. I'm currently needing to pay more attention to eating better stuff and drinking more. I'll bet you'll be on such a nice schedule once Emily starts school!

  2. That is great! I'm so jealous. I can't wait to take her out in the jogger. I don't have one where the carseat attaches. But once it gets cooler we will definitely try again!

  3. Hi Amanda! Boy it has been awhile - your blog looks great! (I usually read in Reader) I just wanted to say you look great and congrats on your weight loss and just staying healthy in general. And I am so the same way with water and our baby is over a year now! I am really good about drinking it first thing in the morning or in the evening but forget the rest of the day.... :)


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