Well visit: ten weeks old

We took Nolan to his two month well visit yesterday (he's actually ten weeks old) and everything went very well.

Height: 24" (75th%)
Weight: 12lbs 15oz (25-50th%)
Head circumference: 38cm (10th%)

He still has cradle cap (I feel like a mama Chimp always picking his head... I know, gross!) and nothing I do or don't do will make it worse nor make it go away any faster so, I'll have to just forget about it.

His reflexes are excellent and he's growing right along the curve!

He got three more immunizations as well as the Rotovirus oral. About three minutes after the oral, he threw up his entire last feeding. It was crazy, I have never seen him vomit like that. Apparently, it's normal. As far as the shots, he cried, naturally, after the first needle stick but was calmed down very quickly and easily by David. I should have taken Emily out of the room because she was hysterically crying, upset at watching Nolan being "hurt" by the Pediatrician. :( Notes for next month...


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