Four months postpartum

It's been five weeks since my last check-in here... having a child in Kindergarten plus an infant has me racing against the clock every day, I rarely have a down moment!

I am four months postpartum today and down a total of 26.4lbs with only 15lbs to go to make my goal weight! Woot woot!

I am down too many sizes to count, I actually don't even know my size because my pre-pregnancy clothes are all way too big. [Insert huge grin here] Makes perfect sense to me as I am 21lbs lighter than before I got pregnant! I have yet to purchase any new clothes, mainly because I just can't find the time so, I'm still living in stretchy, comfy, knit yoga pants and t-shirts for the most part. I did find two pairs of Citizen and Joe's jeans that were put away because they were too small the last two years that not only fit but are a bit too big but at least I have some "real" clothes to wear when needed. I hope to sneak away in the coming weeks to shop as our weather is changing cooler and the rainy season looks to be upon us.

I can see the biggest changes in how flat my stomach is becoming, how thin my arms are (with how baggy my shirt sleeves are), how much room I have in the butt and thighs of my pants, and how thin my face is. 

I am exclusively breast-feeding and do pump from time-to-time (not regularly as Nolan isn't taking a bottle) just to releave engorgement when he takes extra long naps or sleeps longer at night. I am still eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day and have done a great job with portion control. The only thing that has changed is I am taking a 2-3 mile, very face-paced walk every single morning for Nolan's first nap of the day. I am hoping to add some weight training as well as push-ups, sit-ups and some resistance band moves a few times a week as Nolan starts taking more predictable naps. I'm haven't been able to get to the gym yet and am still really looking forward to that as I'd love to take a yoga and a spinning class.

I am only weighing myself once a month now starting this month and thus, will be doing monthly postpartum check-ins.


  1. Four months!?!? Wow, it really seems to be flying by! Even more so for you, I'm sure!


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