Nolan: five months old

Where do I even begin with all the changes that this last month brought?!?

Nolan wants to sit up and stand up all the time! He rarely even lays on his rain forest play mat anymore except for tummy time because he loves his exersaucer so much! He also loves to be worn in the Baby Bjorn facing outwards, he loves to watch the world go by. He has such good head/neck control he can already sit in a highchair (we bought the FisherPrice space saver chair, love it!), though the Bumbo is out because he can buck himself right out of it!

Just yesterday my mom helped me put away all of Nolan's size 0-3month sized clothing. His pants were becoming high-waters and his onesies were snug. He's still wearing size newborn and 0-3month hats and beanies because he has the smallest little noggin but needed more room in his clothes for his chunk-a-licious thighs! ha I really love his new 3-6month sized clothes as they are all little athletic pants, long-sleeve onesies, hoodies and even a vest!

A schedule? What's that? Routine, consistency, nap time... I do not know what those words mean and apparently, neither does Nolan. [sigh] We are pretty tired around here as Nolan isn't consistently sleeping through the night and hasn't for nearly this entire last month. Could be teething: he is drooling, has drool-rash, tugging at his ears, wants to be held a lot more, is constantly biting down on anything he can get his hands on, and has even had a low-grade fever twice. Could be a growth spurt: he is waking up 1-3 times in a 12-hour night time period to nurse and is actually drinking milk from both breasts like a normal day time feeding. Who knows, you could drive yourself crazy trying to analyze a baby and the disruption in his schedule! We are just trying to stay as positive as we can, grabbing 3-4 hours of sleep when we get them and being ultra thankful when he sleeps 9 hours straight. During the day, he's up anywhere between 6am and 9am. He naps about every 1.5 to 2 hours and his naps last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. We give him a bath, lotion massage, rock him, sing to him and read books to him around 6:30-7pm every night and when he falls asleep around 8pm, we put him in his crib and he sleeps there at night. He only wants to be elevated, probably because he's so gassy and still spits up a lot so, we have him sleeping on his back up on his Boppy nursing pillow. Just recently, in the last two weeks, he suddenly won't nap in his car seat anymore. Not while in the car or in his stroller. He wants me to rock him and bounce him to sleep holding him in my arms and then, be laid down in his crib. I'm a bit bummed at the loss of my morning 3 mile walk with him for that first morning nap and being able to go-go-go knowing he would nap when he was tired and I do feel the pressure to get home and stay home immediately after picking Emily up from school so that he can nap at home but it is what it is. :) We have discussed sleep-training but aren't ready to pull the trigger just yet.

During his awake time, he's so happy to sit in his rocker, swing, exersaucer, highchair and play with his Sophie teether, mirror, squishy blocks, rattles and this little black & white ring (see photo below). He will also just chill out in his car seat so I can walk Emily to the park or drive us to an activity and he especially loves being worn in the Baby Bjorn (didn't I already say that?!?).

Nolan is extremely laid-back, observant, quiet, and the least needy person in our family. He's really happy to just be and is offering up smiles and squeeks/squeals more often these days. He loves to stare out the window and really focuses on faces. He seems to follow our cat with his eyes a lot.

Some major milestones include Nolan finding his feet! He pulls them up to his face to grab them and even suck his toes anytime he's on his back. Diaper changes are really difficult, we have had some epic messes. He's also sitting up, bracing himself with his arms out in front of him, on either side of his feet for a few seconds. He eventually tumbles forward but seems really determined to sit up so he can see more of his world. We also think he's going to be a thumb-sucker has he always seems to have one thumb in his mouth. He has really found his voice, wowing us with how loud he can be when he wants attention.

He's still our bottle- and pacifier-phobic baby, wanting nothing to do with either though we keep offering. We have made peace with it and are just soaking up every moment as this time passes by all too quickly!


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