Nolan's solids adventure

At the advice of our Pediatrician (after a lengthy discussion about Nolan's sleep regression and constant marathon nursing sessions throughout the day), we decided to offer Nolan solids at 5 months, 1 week of age.

We started with the recommended rice cereal mixed with breastmilk back on the 10th. It was warm and fairly liquid and he seemed to really want to eat but was less than impressed with the rice cereal. I actually skipped it with Emily after she refused it for three days in a row and decided to do the same with Nolan after offering it twice and getting it spit back at me.

I plan to make all of Nolan's baby food but for now, I am buying Tyler Florence's "Sprout" organic baby food pouches. I just have too much on my plate right now to dedicate the time to do all the shopping, prepping, roasted/steaming, pureeing, cooling, storing, and freezing. I also want to make sure Nolan is going to like the foods so that all my hardwork (and money!) doesn't go to waste.

Here's what we have done so far:

11/10 - 1T rice cereal mixed with 3T breast-milk: he eagerly leaned forward, mouth open but spit the cereal out

11/11 - 1T rice cereal mixed with 3T breast-milk: he sampled it but spit it out

11/12 - 1T rice cereal mixed with 3T breast-milk: I was met with lips clamped shut! We are moving on to "real" food tomorrow!

11/13 - 2T apples

11/14 - 2T oatmeal with roasted apples & cinnamon

11/15 - 2T oatmeal with roasted apples & cinnamon

11/16 - 1T peas and 1T pears

11/17 - 2.5oz of peas and 2T pears

11/18 - 2.5oz of peas and 2T pears

11/19 - 1.0oz of roasted sweet potatoes mixed with white lentils

11/20 - 2.5oz of roasted sweet potatoes mixed with white lentils

11/21 - 2.5oz jar of carrots and 1T of apples

His absolute favorite has been the peas but he's actually liked everything I have offered to him and he eats so much more than I expected.

I am offering a new food every 2-3 days, as recommended and always warm the food up (Nolan turns his nose up at anything cold) and he gets solids only once a day at "dinner" time, which is immediately after his third nap of the day, around 5:00pm. I set him up in his little high chair on the counter and give Emily dinner at the same time so we can all be in one room together. Nolan loves his big sister so much and she is so much fun, though quite distracting so, I found that feeding him solids before nursing him gets him when he's actually hungry and he's much more focused. :) A real dinner time that is followed by bath time and our bedtime routine has really helped with bedtime overall, a huge bonus!

Nolan's bowels are already changing. He's only having a bowel movement every other day and it's definitely that of a baby eating real food. I hope offering things like peas, pears, and eventually squash will help prevent constipation.

So, I'll offering him carrots and apples tomorrow (then I'm out) and we'll move on to something new, possibly squash!


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