Emily lost her first tooth!

At 5 years and 3 months old, our baby has lost her very first baby tooth!

The bottom, center and to the right tooth has been loose and very wiggly for over a month now and Emily has been fascinated with it coming out so, it was no surprise when it came out. It was funny, Emily was already in bed for the night when she wiggled it right out and came out of her room with her tooth in her hand to show it to us! She wasn't freaked out at all, just very excited at the idea that she would put it under her pillow and the Tooth Fairy would come and take it while she was asleep, leaving money in exchange.

David got the tooth and put it in a small little container and once Emily was asleep, he raced to the nearest gas station to buy a pack of gum and get some cash back! Apparently, teeth are worth $5 these days (ouch!) so, Emily awake to a crisp $5 inside an adorable letter we found online.

She put the money in her piggy bank and spent the day pushing her tongue through her cute new gap!

She was so excited to show all her friends and can hardly wait to return to school to show off her new smile. Oh! And the tooth right next to it is extremely wiggly and will most likely fall out very soon.


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