Six months postpartum

Six months postpartum and I'm still steadily losing weight, though it's slowing down noticeably! ;)

I have lost two more pounds this month for a total loss of 36lbs. I only have 6lbs to go to get to my college weight, which is just crazy to think about! The smallest I've been in the last 8 years was when David and I got married in 2005 and I was 2lbs heavier than I am right now! The new clothes I got last month are starting to appear a bit big, which is beyond thrilling, and my stomach is flattening out.

I continue to eat healthy, approximately 5 small meals a day. Things like lean turkey and grilled chicken breasts, cobb salads with little dressing, fresh fruits, roasted vegetables, unsalted nuts, skim milk, whole grains, and only whole wheat pastas and wraps. I limit cheeses and stay far away from fast food and rarely drink alcohol.

I'm also sleeping 9-10 hours a night and stretching daily.

My exercise/calorie burning activities is limited to breastfeeding, wearing & carrying Nolan around all day, and walking about a mile every day to pick Emily up from school. I still haven't made it to the gym and haven't done any weight training this past month but not because I'm lazy or too tired but because I just can't seem to fit it in. That is a horrible excuse but it's the truth!


  1. You look fabulous Amanda! Congratulations!

  2. You are doing SO well!! Congrats on the great progress!!

    And I feel the same way about getting to the gym, it's just so hard to fit it in!


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