The back-sleeper has turned...

Our little back-sleeper suddenly has a new preference for side-sleeping it seems...

Since just a few days after his birth, Nolan has preferred to sleep flat on his back. He often would squirm and grimace while being held to be put down and would be asleep as soon as his back hit his bassinet. Until Nolan, I never believed any baby would prefer to sleep motionless, flat on their backs, in a crib over being snuggled up with the swaying motion of a swing or in a baby carrier against their mother's beating heart.

After just over 7 months of sleeping on his back, Nolan has started to turn.

Turn over, that is.

And last night, over the video monitor we found him like this:

Curled up on his side where he slept all night long.

He found his way onto his side just like this for his morning and afternoon naps as well.


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