Moving to three meals a day at nearly eight months old!

Little man can eat!

That pretty much sums it up right there. Peaches, green beans and bananas are about the only foods he consistently refuses, everything else is gobbled up immediately!

Recently, Nolan's first morning nap became super short, only about 30 minutes and, upon being picked up out of his crib, he would shove his hands in his mouth and try to suck your arm as you changed his diaper. He would nurse furiously and then, want to nurse again an hour later, before his second nap. David was the one to suggest that we offer solids first thing in the morning and then, nurse.

So, for the past couple of days, after sleeping 12-13 hours, David gets him up around 6am and changes his diaper and he's immediately set in his highchair. He literally inahles 7-8oz of oatmeal with roasted apples. An hour later I nurse him and he easily goes down for his first nap. His nap is getting longer and he's no longer waking up crying.

He gets "lunch" after that first nap, about 4oz of a fruit & vegetable puree. Then, he has "dinner" after his third nap or around 4:30pm if he doesn't take a third nap, about 6-8oz of a meat & vegetable puree and a fruit puree.

To date he has had (and loved!):
Oatmeal with roasted apples & cinnamon
Roasted apples with carrots and blueberries
Pears with raspberries
Pears with mangos
Butternut squash
Butternut squash with broccoli
Carrots blended with tomato
Acorn squash
Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes with white beans
Sweet potatoes with apricots
Apples with pears
Apples with blueberries
Apples with apricots
Apples with plums
Apples with butternut squash
Pureed pasta with marinara sauce
Pureed ground turkey with apples and carrots and brown rice
Pureed chicken with sweet potatoes and apricots


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