Seven months postpartum

I got a little lazy;

I ate too much pie;

I drank several glasses of alcohol more than I should have; and

I gained 2lbs over the Holidays. My total weight lose to date is 34lbs.

Yep, I am up 2lbs from last month but that's okay. It's life. It happens. It doesn't surprise me and I'm not at all upset about it.

I knew a day would come when Nolan would begin to wean as his interest in eating solids increased thus, the calories burned from breastfeeding would decrease. When walking 1.5 miles every day and eating the proper portions of healthy food would no longer be enough because bodies do plateau. When my desire to let loose, have fun, eat like crap and LOVE the memories I made while doing it would be the priority for me for a day. Or two.

I'm also not going to get worked up over 2lbs when all my new clothes still fit and I feel great about the image staring back at me in the mirror. 

It is what it is and I'm moving forward with a plan to get on a new track to actually begin to lose weight again and it includes doing a 20 minute resistance band upper body workout three mornings per week while Nolan is taking his morning nap in addition to my daily 1.5 mile walk. I'm hoping to get to Harbor Bay Club during the day, maybe after Nolan's first nap so I can leave him with the Nannies while he's awake and while Emily is at school but I can't promise anything just yet as his napping schedule is still a bit unpredictable. I am also considering going up to the gym to workout at night, after dinner and after putting both kids to bed. I'm pretty exhausted at the end of every day but I have to make time for me somehow.


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