Eight months postpartum

I have been careful this last month, getting back to watching what I'm eating and walking three or more times per week and have been able to stop any further weight gain. I haven't lost any additional weight but have managed to maintained my weight from last month, which is a good start.

My total weight loss to date is 34lbs. 

Such a reality check when your weight loss suddenly stops and you actually have to start working out to lose weight. But I expected it with Nolan eating more solids and now I have to do something about it. So, my plan is to actually start working out to my Jillian Michael's DVDs three times per week during Nolan's morning nap and walking my two to three mile route the other days. At a minimum. I need to start tracking my calories to see if I'm eating as well and as balanced as I should be and I know for sure I need to cut back on cheese (full of sodium and fat!). I have used SparkPeople.com in the past and really liked it so I'll start there. I'm also finding that things are quite mushy, flabby, in need of some serious toning! I really want to feel and look great in a bathing suit for our summer vacation which means I have to do some serious core training. I'm even looking into a personal trainer for the next five months.


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