Kindergarten Valentine's Day Party

I love so many things about Emily's school but one thing in particular that really warms my heart is how much they love to throw parties, to celebrate all those special days throughout the year that we all grew up celebrating.

Today was their Valentine's Day party and it was beyond precious. I lucked out that Nolan has been napping around 8:30-10am lately and could volunteer to help out (the party was from 10:15-11:35) and of course Nolan was his usual, stoic, quiet, observant self, happy to just hang out in his stroller in the corner of the classroom. I did wear him in the Bjorn the last half hour to just let him stretch out a bit.

The part preparations began a few days ago. Part of their February homework was to bring a Valentine (of your choice) to each classmate, with the kids writing all the names on them. Emily chose rice crispy treats and Hello, Kitty and Cars tattoos to give out and I was so impressed with her recognition of each name as well as her penmanship. The Valentines were due Monday and each child got a turn to walk to the rug and place a Valentine in each classmates' Valentine bag (that were made the week before).

Then today, during recess, the kids got to grab their bags and sift through them at their desks while enjoying all the treats the parents signed up to bring: cupcakes, cakepops, fruit, juice, and of course candies.

After the party and all the kids helping to clean up, they did heart-shaped puzzles and conversation heart counting & graphing and spent some time cutting heart shapes.

With so many budget cuts and so much focus on academics, it's really nice to just stop and enjoy a craft, a poem, and some tasty treats while surrounded by friends. Taking a break from all the learning to rip open Valentine's, show off your favorite treat, squeal over the little trinkets & candy, and leaving school on a sugar-high was what Emily declared; "the best day ever!".


  1. So fun! I'm not a huge fan of the holiday (something must be wrong with my DNA) but my kids love it and the parties are seriously so much fun!


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