Nolan: first pairs of shoes!

There's nothing cuter than a pair of shoes on a crawling, standing, attempting-to-cruise baby...

Especially when they are a pair of Smaller by See Kai Run!

And the best part is scoring two pairs of shoes for the price of one!

I love this line of shoes as they are super soft and flexible, mimicking being barefoot, and yet, they have these rubber circles on the heel and the ball of the foot to help baby not slip and slide when they are trying to crawl, cruise and/or learn to walk. I love these so much more than Robeez, which is saying a lot as Robeez was the only shoe Emily wore until she was about 15 months old and I was actually sad to move into more of a "big girl" shoe that had a rubber sole so she could grip the floor better.

Nolan is in a 6-9mo size infant shoe but because I decided to buy the next size up, the 9-12mo size so he can wear a sock with them (it's still cool here) and have room to grow into them.


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