Pulling up!

At 8 1/2 months old, Nolan has begun to pull up!

It started in his crib this past week. It seems as if he's having some separation anxiety during his afternoon nap; he doesn't want to stop playing and lay down so he reaches for the crib rail to pull himself up so he can look out into the room and he cries out for us. And he doesn't take a nap. We are going on a week now of only a morning nap and him being awake the remaining nine hours of the day. I guess we should be glad he goes to bed and down for his morning nap quietly and easily, huh? We are very thankful he's not up all night practicing these new skills!

And then, just a few days ago, I saw him do his get up on all fours, rock, reach, grab, pull, let go, lay down, roll over to sitting up maneuver to get to his little toy bin but on his second attempt he didn't let go! After grabbing on to the bin he pulled his knees up under him and then, pulled his upper body up to kneeling. Crazy!!

In the same day, I caught him on camera kneeling at his car seat and at his musical play table!


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